Use Cases & First Principles

The aim here is to establish a basis for addressing the ‘Why’ questions and reaching the First Principles. The level of detail is adequate to justify existing requirements and specific enough to define future ones.

“Question your constraints — they are probably wrong.” — Elon Musk

Use Cases

In the context of RV design, a use case is a specific scenario describing how an individual or group might use the RV, considering factors like travel, accommodation, activities, and utilities, to guide design and functionality decisions.

First principles are fundamental, unchanging truths used to derive requirements.


  • Travel to rural destinations
  • Provide overnight accommodation suitable for all weather conditions
  • Ability to go completely off-grid or use shore power
  • Typical use involves frequent local trips of 1-3 nights, and less-frequent non-local trips of 2-3 weeks.
  • Facilitate outdoor activities like using a fire pit, cooking, hiking, fishing, boating
  • Provide camp chairs and tables
  • Charge batteries via solar or shore power


  • Accommodate long-distance driving, including meals and bathroom breaks on the road
  • Allow for street-level parking
  • Provide air conditioning for pets
  • Include security video and remote security features
  • Charge batteries while on the move


  • Enable stealth street and parking lot camping
  • Offer off-grid, self-contained, secure, and safe accommodation
  • Suitable for all weather and noise conditions

Day Trips

  • Ensure ease of parking
  • Provide a comfortable environment for pets during the day
  • Include remote security features when away from the RV 3-4 hours
  • Use the van as a secure storage space

Ski Trips

  • Similar to camping but with additional cold weather and ski storage considerations
  • Wet boots and clothing

Basecamp Support

  • Serve as a support vehicle for teams, similar to hospital team support
  • Not the central focus but a rest area
  • Provide Internet access via WiFi
  • Useful for road races, bike events, and rocket launch observations
  • Like camping, provide camp chairs and tables

Office on Wheels

  • Include a deployable Lagun table and swivel seats
  • Ability to entertain customers or business partners
  • Include multimedia for presentations
  • Include motion detection security features
  • Include Internet WiFi
  • Laptop and cell phone charging
  • Portable inkjet printer

Hospital Support Team

  • Consider parking garage height challenges
  • Stealth camping required
  • Provide a place to eat or take a nap
  • Private location for meetings and phone calls