Toilet, Shower and Changing Room

With a little trickery, there is plenty of room to use a toilet, shower, change your clothes, and get organized, and a sink and mirror with good lighting.

The room starts small, at 24” x 32”, and is fully enclosed with a solid door and walls. Although a bit cramped, the room is fully functional for use as a commode or shower. The commode can be moved to provide more standing room. When expanded, the room contains one of two MaxxAir fans to vent fumes and moisture.

To expand the room, the outside of the door is also hinged, opening a second time to make a solid wall across to the kitchen and adjacent to the kitchen sink. This wall has a full-length mirror. A second wall is extended by pulling a curtain across to the opposite kitchen wall.

There you have it, four luxurious gallons of hot water, an exhaust fan to keep the humidity down, and plenty of elbow room.


  • 24” x 32” shower pan
  • 3-gallon hot water tank
  • Grey water plumbed through floor
    • No grey water tank, they stink
    • Catch in bucket or hose to the sewer
  • Expanding double door enclosure


DryFlush Toilet

  • Dry Flush Toilet
  • 17 flushes per refill
  • #1 or #2
  • ~ $1.80 per flush
  • No blackwater tank, no maintenance, no smell

In certain situations, anticipated heavy use, move the toilet outside.

Full Metal Shower Tent/Umkleidezelt For Metalheads And Headbangers IN Wacken

Brand New

  • $107.35
  • Buy It Now
  • +$155.17 shipping

We found an inexpensive DryFlush toilet on Craigslist. It may have been inexpensive for a reason, it has failed us a few times. It had been lightly used on a sailboat for several years.

The turntable failed and when I replaced it, it was fuzzy with rust. Apparently the sald air had gotten to it. Even micro-amounts of salt air will cause corrosion over time. Next the main control board failed and I had noticed that two of the flag connectors were loose. Upon inspection, the wires uncovered by insulation were corroded.

The support from Laveo has been excellent. They offered advice over the phone and also maintain helpful videos and had us back up and running.

What makes the toilet nice is the simplicity and there is no blackwater tank. There is just the controller board, a turntable motor, a pair of fans, a cable harness, and a battery. The battery is inexpensive and can be replaced via Amazon.

The twisting motion separates every flush into its own compartment, isolating the smell. Even changing the refill cartridge is easy.