Solar Install & Roof Fan

Got a message from @Matt saying that I needed a photo of the entire install. Because I have the 136 promaster and wanted a roof fan, I didn’t have room for 3 full 300 watt panels but wanted as much solar as possible.

To do this I made a simple frame of 1 1/2" angle by adding 2 pieced across the top of the van, one in front and one behind the fan.

I then laid a 100 watt Renogy solar panel on each side of the fan adding the hinge bracket to one and the locking bracket to the other. This way the two panels act as one panel for locking and tilting.

Here’s what everything looks like from the top.

Entry wire follows the the C-channel on the hinge side to the back of the vehicle, runs along the rain gutter over the back doors, and enters through the lower corner of the backup camera housing.

Will add this as well as more details as to exactly how I did things as the opportunities become available. Right now all I have is the finished install on my van.