Passenger side rear door panel with security view and window access

This door panel has a few features and still one area of improvement.

  • The panel is insulated
  • The window panel is removable
  • Peep hole security door
  • Accommodation for rear-facing video camera

The improvement to make is to find a way to access the door lock when the window panel is in place. Ideas are appreciated. There is the remote and that will work but each time you lock or unlock the vehicle with the remote, it flashes lights on each corner of the vehicle with might draw unwanted attention. It also unlocks all of the doors when you might want to just unlock the rear door.

This is the near-finished look at the door panel. It is completely light tight. You can’t tell the interior lights are on in total darkness.

Window panel is removed. It is secured in place using thumb-screws

This shows the lock. I am looking for a way to put some sort of lever through the panel to lock and unlock the door.

Here is the peep hole for security with velcro closure.