Day 14 - 7/23/13 - Innsbruck

10 Years Ago Today!

We step off the train in Innsbruck and are greeted with an awesome view of the Bergiesel Ski Jump. If it looks familiar, this was the famous ski jump from the 1964 Winter Olympics. It’s not high in the mountains but on the edge of town…in the mountains.

Fun video of 1964 Olympics Sky Jumping

What is the story of Innsbruck? It seems kind of isolated

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is located in Austria and has a rich history dating back to the Roman era. The city’s strategic location at the junction of the River Inn and the Wipp Valley provided access to the Brenner Pass, a major transport and communications link between the north and south of Europe. This route was part of the Via Imperii, a medieval imperial road under the special protection of the king.

The first mention of Innsbruck dates back to the name Oeni Pontum or Oeni Pons, which is Latin for bridge over the Inn, an important crossing point over the Inn river. The city passed into the hands of the Counts of Tyrol in 1248 and became the capital of all Tyrol in 1429. In the 15th century, the city became a center of European politics and culture as Emperor Maximilian I resided in Innsbruck in the 1490s.

The route over the Brenner Pass was a major transport and communications link between the north and the south of Europe, and the easiest route across the Alps. The revenues generated by serving as a transit station on this route enabled the city to flourish.

Our Hip-Cool Innsbruck Pad

It is a 360 panorama but I think Google chopped someone’s head!

Austrian architecture seems old and new at the same time. This is the Chamber of Commerce building.

Have to give these people credit, they sure know how to live life!

At times it seemed like we were on a 22 day shopping spree!

The tower was built between 1442 and 1450, serving as an observation point for sentries who announced the hours of the day. These guards also maintained civic order at night and monitored the city for fires, hostile intruders, and other dangerous situations…and it is 148 steps to the viewing deck!

The Golden Alder Hotel and Restaurant. The building foundation dates back to 1390 but I assure you the food is fresh, regional food prepared to perfection!

The Mayor of Innsbruck found a way to triple the number of parking spots, genius!

I saw two different references, you pick: “Father and Son”, “Freedom Fighters”. So what do you think?

Mozart was everywhere

Even for horse and buggy, this seems narrow to me.

Fun street rock band. This was good but unfortunately, I did not record the prior song, a classical tune that caught my ear.

Raindeer yoga? I’m not sure what to make of this.

So much to do here but enough of the mountains for now, let’s head to the canals, for the blown glass and history of Venice!

Ever since we learned about the pink and blue fountains in London, we had been scanning the newsstands for a birth announcement. Finally! On our last day in Vienna, we spotted this newspaper which we promptly purchased. With that said, I only know a few words of German so we couldn’t decipher much. However, it was clear that a baby boy had been born to Prince William and Kate. Happy 10th birthday, today, Prince George!

We stayed in a pair of ultra-modern apartments that was actually a boarding house.The kids had one and we had a separate one. It was complete with kitchens, bedrooms, and a living room. We also toured the charming old town and enjoyed the Golden Roof Museum.