Day 1- 7/10/13- London

Day 1- 7/10/13- London

Hyde Park Hostel

Highlights of day one included rest at a hostel, food at a pub and a long walk including St. James Gardens and several landmarks.

Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
Parliament Building

We also spent a significant amount of time at The Tower of London, which is more like a fortress than a tower. We got separated from our dad during a free tour with a funny Beefeater. After several hours, we found him at an ice cream stand. His words were, “I knew I would find you guys if I just stayed near the ice cream.” Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the Crown Jewels due to the long queue.

For meals, we had breakfast on the plane (muffin, coffee, and banana), and ate again in the Notting Hill area. We had a “bacon buddy” (bacon on an English muffin with brown sauce) and a croissant sandwich. We had lunch at The Café in the Crypt, where we had a tuna sandwich with some unrecognizable veggies (they looked like artichoke hearts), and two fun drinks (a rose petal concoction and cream soda). We also had Fish and Chips at a café in the Tower of London. For dinner, we ate at a pub near the hostel. The meals included a venison burger with blueberries (which wasn’t very good), a sampler platter (sausage, cheese, breads), and a “Big Ben burger” (a large burger with egg and barbecue sauce). Kenny and Keira split a cider, while mom and dad had beer. We ended the day with ice cream and took advantage of the free Wi-Fi at the hostel.

Keira and Mom at Big Ben

Children Hunters

Tickets to the Tower of London. Each one had different historical figures!

I’d go back to the Cafe in the Crypt anytime!