Check Your Flip-Flops At The Igloo Door

A son at twenty-eight, bold and free,
Left Florida’s sun for Washington’s spree.
Mom was terrified, oh dear,
Dad just chuckled with cheer,
Flip-flops lost, now a Camaro snowplow decree!

In anticipation for new duties, the Camaro needed to be prepped for the snow, it ws not really that difficult, it just had ever done it before.

First order of business is finding the apartment, and that we did, only to find out that the key was not ready and we would have to come back the next day, no problem.

We were able to unload the van and the car/trailer in just a few hours. We would use the trailer to haul a bit of furniture but finally, finally, yes-finally, we were able to part ways with the trailer. Fun as it was to intimidate all other vehicles on the road with it, it finally had to go.

Now begins the real fun, 1. Get everything in it’s place, and 2. Execute a series of procurement-resupply missions (was it 28?). But there was also 3. assemble the acquired desks and chairs, 4. Mount a ton-o-stuff to the walls, tv-mounts, led-lights, wall sconces.

First we need to show off the men-of-steel. This is not a bunch you want to tangle with for sure!

Yes, all work and no play makes us a bit dull. We made a trip to Pikes Market.

All this hard work takes nourishment. We have the first meal at the apartment, steak procured at Double DD Meats, and cravings for hot dogs, hot and spicy hot dogs served with cream cheese.

Finally the moment you have been looking for, the new Igloo/apartment/townhouse!

Here is the unit from the street. You can see the front door and the living room window to the right of the front door. On the left is The patio, upstairs master bed room and window to the loft/office.

Oh the flowers, the landscaping is immaculate and there are flowers everywhere. There are many more, you will need to visit yourself!

And, a drumroll please, photos of the interior. A bunch of words could go here, but the point of a picture is that it is worth 1000 words! The theme is “Good Vibes Only!”.

First the empty rooms, starting to get set up.

And no

More to follow, this was work in progress and much has been done since.

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Funny story and nice travel log. I’d like to note that Mom was not terrified- but sends her love.