Boyd's Key West Campground, February 2023

Amazing trip! Great location within bike distance to all of Key West. This bike rack folds down allowing access through the rear doors. It is strong enough to handle the the eBikes but we had to abort that plan when one still had a pesky flat from the Texas thorn trip.

Our campsite was on the water. We selected a site without hookups to save money, but also because the of the location, and also, because we could!

Possibly the key event of the key west visit was fishing!
Here is Capt Conch’s Boat.

Here are the take-home prizes, one lost it’s tail to a shark!

And there was big game fish too. Barracuda, about like pulling up a sunken railroad tie from the bottom. We let them go.

Grouper cheeks from the market next to the campground.

A stop to revisit a favorite place for Grandma Rose.

So much more to say

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